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Eureka Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd is the extended renewable energy arm of Eureka Engineering Enterprise Sdn Bhd. We are equipped with over 40 years of experience​ in serving the mechanical and electrical (M&E) industry in Malaysia, with long serving clienteles such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Panasonic, Toshiba, Q-cells.


We are passionate about the environment and has envisioned this expansion to be a medium to reduce carbon footprint. Using our technical expertise and resources, we also aim to define and imagine your investment potentials with you.​


We provide sustainable energy solutions that are powered only by renewable energy. Enabling communities in the most remote of locations, to the dense urban societies. Our solutions are kinder and a conscious alternative that challenges the conventional approaches.


Eureka Renewable Energy are key partners with China's renewable energy giant, CMEC WUXI. Enabling us to be in sync with latest state of the art renewable energy technologies and innovations.

To provide advisory and executable solutions that would ultimately deliver reliable and sustainable systems at an affordable price. 


We believe that achieving a balance between environment, social and economics is key in this business. We make decisions based on ethical and moral standards in which a balance is achieved between the three.

Image by Ravin Rau
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